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Name:Akutagawa Jirou
Birthdate:May 5
Personality: Jirou's narcolepsy still affects his actions and interactions with others. He’s prone to sleepiness and will ignore you or forget you if you aren’t interesting to him. But whenever he’s excited about something or someone, he’ll babble or jump up and down or just scare everybody around him.

History: He continued tennis all the way through high school then realized in his last year that he had no idea what he wanted to do with his life. His older brother was already slated to take over the dry-cleaning business and his younger sister already wanted to be a musician.
Jirou kind of sat there for a bit, went back to sleep, woke up again and decided to go ask all of his classmates what they thought he’d be good at. Mostly, everyone said that he’d be an excellent bed taster, but Jirou pointed out that he could fall asleep anywhere, and he wouldn’t exactly be helping them test the beds, just sleeping on the beds.

So instead, after a lot of deliberation, he decided that his best skill after tennis and sleeping, was his tinkering skills. When he actually mustered the energy to do stuff, he could fix anything with a screwdriver and a spanner. So he went into the mechanics business and got a degree, much to the surprise of everybody involved, considering he slept through most of the classes.
Used to work at an airport as an aeroplane mechanic. Seeing as he was asleep half the time, no one was quite sure why he was hired. But he was very good at his job and gets things done quickly, if only to sleep faster.
Now he's hired by Atobe who uses Jirou as a private mechanic, and Jirou is very happy with the new job. More sleeping time, pocky and cuddles with Kei-kun. What more could a genius narcoleptic want?
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